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FOX News
Dec 10, 2013 12:00pm PST
others. we'll get a live report from capitol hill next. >> president obama's choices to head the irs says it's his mission to make the irs the most admired and well-run agency in all of government. the irs. this -- he promised to work with congress and listen to employees and improve services. the confirmation hearing comes months after ther is irofficials admitted targeting groups and cost the former acting irs commissioner and other top officials their jobs. let's get to carl cameron for the latest. how did it go? >> reporter: pretty short. not a very long meeting. several interruptions because the members had to vote on the senate floor. then republicans using the arcane senate rules halted the hearing and there's no wore when they'll resume the process. the g.o.p. was protesting the democratic change to voting on judicial nominees. the nomination has been held up for more than 120 days mostly because republicans want to ensure that all of the investigations of the irs scandals are completed and want to make sure people are held accountable for the irs delaying and some cases denying t
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
congress who only get 19% support. so as we look ahead to next november a troubling as obama care could be for democrats, those numbers for republicans could be even worse, shep. >> john roberts in atlanta. >>> okay. something lighter. remember back when we were covering lance armstrong's doping accusations all the time? i wondered aloud if maybe the problem was something akin to what was happening on my favorite television program, the hbo show "true blood." >> what? >> v. >> what do you mean v? >> well, i mean the sheriff took v. do you not watch "true blood". >> no. >> if you get all amped up on v, you do all kinds of weird things. you should watch it. it will make you crazy to v. >> the judge did not watch sadly. i though have watched everything. and i'm waiting for the new one, a big fan obviously. and the man who played the character al seed will be with us next. joe manganelo live on his new fitness book, his life a mess a decade ago. and what's in store for sooki in the next and last episode of "true blood." that's next. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a
FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
capitol hill is making it more likely that president obama will do the same. >> thank you very much. >> batkid has company. a town in georgia flew in a new police officer who is five years old. and you'll meet him next. y)p) >> there's a thousands reward up for grabs if you can crack the case of the missing whiskey. authorities say somebody in october sole dozens of cases of high priced bourbon and require from a distillery in kentucky. the stock cost $26,000. detectives say they interviewed more than 100 people to try to find it but so far there's no luck. a five-year-old boy who says he wants to stop the bad guys, just got his wish. but it wasn't the batkid this time. it was to become a cop. [applause] >> the boy's name is morgan stewart. he has a spinal connection that makes it hard for him to breath and get around. last night the police chief and the mayor of covington, georgia, gave morgan a uniform and a key to the city. he is to lead the town's christmas parade as an honorary police officer, and morgan is already practicing in case he is called to duty. >> have a right to rem
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3